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Video diary entries and news items of latest jobs and developments in my garden.

Back Garden – Feb 2015

February Plans

Well it’s now February and the worst of the winter is hopefully over.  So, time to survey the mess and start thinking through what planting strategies and changes I am going to be making in the fast approaching Spring.

Two things are in my mind here.  Firstly having time to rearrange the plants to give me enough space to plant this season’s bulbs and tubers  Secondly getting it ready in time to avoid a late planting out.  Last year I was lucky winter came so late or I would not have had much of a growing season at all.

Front Garden – Feb 2015

The front garden looks quite sorry for itself as the debris from the previous season mixes in with leaves blown in off the street and the weeds that are getting a head start on the growing season.  Fatigue sets in just looking at the work ahead!