These are videos and articles that are in more detail elsewhere in my “How-To” pages.  They are not to be taken literally as tutorials but rather as showing how I do things in a way which works for me!

There are various ways of doing things, (particularly when it comes to storing Dahlia tubers over winter).

Digging Up Dahlias

Not really what you could call a tutorial, as such, the main objective being not to skewer the tubers with the fork whilst lifting them.

Preparing Dahlias for Storage

Now this was a video which went a bit wrong with the failing light.  The big thing here is that I actually use a jet washer to clean the tubers due to a fungus phobia going back to when I didn’t have much stock.  This year the process might be a lot quicker!

Putting them to Bed

Final trimming of the tubers and tidying up before laying in boxes of vermiculite and storing in the garage.  Many people have completely different approaches!

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