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A Hellebore Arrives

I had to post this photo on Gardeners World to find out what this plant is called.  I thought it was a snowdrop but now I can be quite proud that I am actually a Hellebore owner!

February Update

February 2015 and the winter is still in full swing, but a cheeky Dahlia picture brightens the page up a bit.

Now is the time for planning.  The main trees and shrubs are still in place so I can see what I will have to plant around.  While the plants are dormant in the low temperatures it is the ideal time to dig them up and relocate them.

Back Garden – Feb 2015

February Plans

Well it’s now February and the worst of the winter is hopefully over.  So, time to survey the mess and start thinking through what planting strategies and changes I am going to be making in the fast approaching Spring.

Two things are in my mind here.  Firstly having time to rearrange the plants to give me enough space to plant this season’s bulbs and tubers  Secondly getting it ready in time to avoid a late planting out.  Last year I was lucky winter came so late or I would not have had much of a growing season at all.

Late Summer. In October!

The garden is in full swing despite it being early October.   Looking towards the left fence across my little Dahlia farm.  On the other side of this fence was the horse paddock, later a tennis court, and now a house.

Many of the trees and shrubs this side of the fence are past their best and are coming down.  So something else will need to take their place to get some privacy.  I am not a big fan of Leylandii or Laurel so the thinking cap is firmly on.

Due to one thing or another, I planted the Dahlias out quite late and they are only really getting into full swing at this point.  So just counting myself lucky that climate change seems to be keeping the Dahlias as well as the parakeets happy.